Friday, February 25, 2011

From Famed Square to Lonely Circle - and Back

Tahrir Square has been ground zero for the revolution ever since its formal beginning on January 25. It was there that the protesters took up station; there where the day of violence occurred and several were killed; and there where the continuing celebrations and mass prayers take place. It is very near my hotel - indeed I can see it from my window - so I spend a lot of time there, watching to see how a revolution progresses or disolves. Much of the time now, it is just a lonely square with a raised roundabout.

But still, two weeks past Mubarak's departure, it fills quickly and remains the focal point. Today marked the one month anniversary of the inception of the revolution. By early afternoon the square began to fill. Now, at nearly midnght, I still hear from my window the happily honking horns, and the voices of many celebrating.

Tomorrow, it will be quiet again.(?)

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